People who are too good (I feel like such a disappointment sometimes...)

Was chatting this evening with a friend. She's one of those people who are pretty close to perfect; sweet, gentle, intelligent, funny, curious, and actively improving herself all the time. Felt quite trollish in comparison. What am I doing to pursue my dreams? What have I learned in the last few years? Am I a better person than I was? What am I doing to improve the world?

Evening was a success, I think. Most of the people who were expected showed up, but 5 of them didn't eat, so rather a lot of leftovers at the moment. We played a Cranium game at which our team did strikingly well; almost telepathic comunication on a number of questions, but in the end we were beaten by a team with the good luck to roll 3 purples in a row (and do quite well on questions as well).

Was struck this evening (again) by how many of my friends are strikingly intelligent, beautiful, witty, and/or virtuous. They're an impressive group. Happy to have them... even if they do make me feel rather troll-like sometimes.


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