Gack! (Enough, the week is finished!)

I think I'm done for the week. Leaving for the conference Monday morning (oh, shoot, need to get the tickets and such worked out). I need to stop obsessing about this program for a few days or I'm going to be nuts at the conference. I'll have all of Monday and Tuesday to obsess.

But the question arises, what do I do? I feel like doing something design-ish, but as far as contributing to the sum total of the world's knowledge I should likely do more work on PyOpenGL-in-ctypes. Or maybe I should just go through the huge backlog of email. Or maybe I should create a VRML-to-SVG renderer?

Hmm, thinking about it, what I want to do is actually to go somewhere and talk with someone. Guess that won't be happening. Sigh. Maybe I'll just sleep.


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