Cleaning is fun (But really, really hot...)

Dropped off the old monitor and UPS at the Environment Day. I managed to forget that it was today (was just about to head out to do the week's shopping, which would have meant I'd miss it), only the UPS sitting in the doorway as I was about to head out served as a reminder. I wasn't able to carry the old PII computer, there's only so much one can fit in one's hands when TTC-ing. The room doesn't look all that less crowded, but I'm happy to get it all out from underfoot.

As soon as I get cooled down a little (a UPS and a monitor is a fairly heavy load in this heat) I need to get out to the market and lay in food for the week. I'd like to do something fun this evening, but I suppose I really should get some Open Source work done (given that it doesn't look like I'll get any time off anytime soon).

Still, maybe I'll call around and see if anyone feels like hanging out.


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