Meyers Briggs is a bit absolute... (A few score true/false questions to sort us into piles)

Lara asked me to take the Meyers Briggs (Jung) temperament test (she's found her results quite helpful, apparently). So, off I go to write the test. Of course, as I'm answering questions I keep looking for that "both" answer in the middle. Oh well, it is a "sorter", rather than something aiming to really understand you.

I wound up as the "Field Marshal" type (eNTj)... which is weird. The planning/organising stuff, and the leading stuff all match up fairly well, but the lack of empathy seems off (then, looking back at what I entered into the test, I can see how the various true/false answers would have given that impression (there's no "I balance emotional with practical considerations" checkbox).

Anyway, doesn't seem anyone's coming over for dinner or conversation, so I suppose I'll just cook the curry for myself and maybe get some work done.


  1. Robert Brewer

    Robert Brewer on 07/31/2005 12:17 a.m. #

    "Meyers Briggs is a bit absolute"<br />
    <br />
    That sounds like something an NTJ would say. ;)

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