nVidia finally runs (But no 3D accelleration)

Well, finally got the nVidia driver to work. Had to choose the nVidia AGP. Also had to explicitly specify the resolutions, I gather it was trying to choose too high a resolution and the monitor was just failing to display. Unfortunately, the 3D performance is pretty pitiful, maximum of 150fps and it slows down to 1-2fps every once in a while.

Anyway, given that it's running here for day-to-day use, I installed the older All-in-Wonder on Rosey's machine. That took forever. The driver forces half a dozen reboots, and that machine is extremely slow to reboot. Have to run a cable over to her machine so she can watch her french TV with subtitles. Of course, Rogers is trying to force us to buy digital cable (blaggards), so we may just drop the whole TV package... oh well, she can watch over-the-air french TV.


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