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Extensions move into CVS (OpenGL-ctypes grows by hundreds of modules in a few minutes...)

I've just checked the auto-generated extensions for OpenGL-ctypes into the Sourceforge CVS repository. The autogeneration is still quite crude, so expect any extension with glGet-like, pointer or image-based functionality to fail. I've also reworked the glget module to use the wrapper system, which makes it a much simpler module (and makes the patterns easier to ...

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Pleasant little party (Spend most of the evening talking about philosophy, psychology and academia...)

Nousha's party was well attended and lively. Rose brought along someone she'd met (Meagan), who is a U of T student studying Buddhism. We spent 3 or 4 hours discussing Kant, Hume and Freud as well as strategies and approaches to academic excellence.

Shane is reviewing and planning working on OpenGL-ctypes. I'm planning on taking ...

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