OLPC-Toronto Game Jam/Sprint (Participants?)

We're thinking of having a Game Sprint on the 16th through the 18th of November (still looking for an appropriate venue). At the moment there's only 2.5 of us. We've got one brainstorm (or a light drizel) of doing a simplified Real-time Strategy game. More powerful downpours welcome.

CMU is going to be doing a Game Jam (competition) on the same weekend down in Pittsburgh, this is more of a Sprint, i.e. everyone working together for one weekend to try to produce a single working (playable, fun, non-trivial) game.

Anyway, right now we're rather short of developers (I'd love to get maybe 8 python hackers, with an artist (graphic and auditory) or two). At our current size we may just work in a caffe. If we get more interest we can see about getting a dedicated venue.

We'll almost certainly be developing in PyGame and Python (since that's the language the three people participating so far have in common), so hopefully we'll be able to run on a regular Mac/Windows/Linux box with a bit of effort (possibly including an abstraction layer for networking).

[Updated] Link now points to wiki page for editing the rule-set...


  1. Miguel Sternberg

    Miguel Sternberg on 11/03/2007 12:04 a.m. #

    Hi Mike,<br />
    I just stumbled onto your blog post while looking for OLPC info. I'm a local Toronto video game artist and I'd love to take part in your game jam if you need an artist. If you're interested please give me a shout at neko@silencegreys.com.<br />
    <br />

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