Pythonic duct tape (When data imports...)

I spent much of the day working on CDR billing-data import for the VoIP project. This is pretty simple stuff, download the records, load them, unify them with the ids in the database, and then insert records to record the charges. It just takes forever. Lots of trivial little bits that need to be dealt with to deal with corner cases, error checking to recover from data failures, all that wonderful stuff.

Rest of the time was spent on the hardware stuff, which is still totally non-functional here. Bah.

Anyway, looks like it will be a good turn out for PyGTA tomorrow. Tim's letting me borrow his laptop to demo the OpenGL-ctypes stuff. Guess I should put together some notes on it before tomorrow evening.

Went to a Toronto Philosophy discussion group meeting this evening. Just two of us showed up, pleasant conversation, but I'd hoped for a larger group.


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