That point where you don't want to change anything (Letting sleeping tickets lie...)

We're pretty much down to deployment and testing tickets for the VoIP project soft launch. There's still a few legal-requirement tickets as well, but the basic code is all there. I'm starting to feel that impulse to draw a line and consider the project's first iteration well and truly finished.

Unfortunately, I haven't pulled in a whole day's work so far today (let alone a day-and-a-quarter, though I've been sitting at the computer trying to work for 11 hours). I eventually figured out that I was hungry (it's good to eat), likely because I didn't get to the store on Saturday, so we have no groceries.

I made the classic empty-fridge lasagna, some pasta and sauce, whatever veggies haven't gone horribly off, some cheese grated off the block, romano, onions and what garlic hadn't gone off. Cook the pasta, then layer on the toppings and bake for 20 minutes. Turned out well enough, though it could have used some olives and a cottage or ricotta to smooth it out.

Probably also need some exercise. There comes a point when the cushions of the chair have abused your legs so much that the legs start to take on the shape of the cushions. At that point one should likely take a walk. I was considering dropping in to see how Tim's doing, but when I called he seemed busy. Oh well.


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