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That first call (I'll admit it, there was a bit of a magic moment there...)

Just finished the first successful test of the Asterisk install. I'm actually using a VoIP account over on our client's network as an inbound communications channel and connecting via a PSTN (regular telephone network) phone to the box sitting next to me. The Asterisk box is behind a NAT-ing firewall configured to trigger an opening ...

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The balance of time (So grand a title for so simple a topic...)

Spent the rest of yesterday and all of today so far learning Asterisk (starting with the Asterisk The Future of Telephony book). It's more for our new venture, but it may come in handy for upcoming iterations of the VoIP project.

Probably start into experiments this evening. Yum, experiments.

Fun little Toronto Philosophy meeting (The key is to discuss philosophy...)

Took a few hours off to hit the Toronto Philosophy group meeting. Good discussion focused primarily on the question of morality (and the sources thereof). Interesting set of sources, from culturally-inculcated objective idealism through utilitarianism and a sort of Lockian or Randian relativism.

Anyway, quite worth the trip down. Next meeting is the third Wednesday ...

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