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Dark Hair Shorn

Militant girl full of fire and conviction
She angrily decries the male oppressor
Who would despoil her darker hair
(Though she demands a smooth-shorn chin)
It is years later that I see her
Older, holding some mid-level job
She seems more fashionable
Groomed and outfitted in slick half-suits
That let on she's a woman
While ...

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Lasting Scents

What an unforgettable scent
To come to mind so easily
A long decade on

Surely you could sell it
If it were scent itself
That made it last so long

Truth forces me to tell
It is not the smell that I recall
But hair from wence it came

Midnight Clocks

Here there is no champagne
No streamers not left over
From parties thrown
On happier days
Crowds of shining happy faces
Have not appeared on cue
Because of this dratted bug
So lil' sis' and I drink orange juice
Laced with day-old ginger ale
Watch silly movies on the box
Drift in and out of ...

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Togl really is a PITA (ebuilding works... sort-of...)

Decided this evening I'd try to get Togl working under OpenGL-ctypes. First annoyance was discovering that the project page claims the project is GPL-licensed (the license text in the project file is basically a BSD license). Anyway, built an ebuild for the project, having to create a diff for the amd64 processor, but otherwise no ...

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