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Best Intentions

Well, so much for that plan. Pretty much k-o'd by the end of dinner. Fever is still pretty low, but the muscle aches and stiffness have begun already. Going to drink some fluids and head to bed early.

Goodbye cruel world :) .
I hate the flu.

[Update] Fever is still there, but the aches ...

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Intention Matters (Not necessarily in appreciating design, but in designing-as-intention it is central...)

Spent the afternoon out of the house in the hope of avoiding catching whatever flu Rosey has come down with. However, had to return to get any real work done, so by tomorrow I'll likely be out of commission for a day or two.

Was a pleasant afternoon, though honestly I'd rather have spent it ...

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My Pages

Was I just a teacher to her
Sometimes I must wonder
Remembering the calls
Where I was just a reference
Some large musty book upon a shelf
Brought down to answer questions
Maybe check the bindings
Apply a bit of gaffer's tape
Slip me back into the dust

What pages do I have
What questions ...

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Crashing through to the end of chapter 1 (Getting to the point where I need to print it out...)

Couldn't bring myself to work on programming stuff again tonight. Instead I sat down and forced myself to write the rest of chapter one. That takes me to the end of the section on perception. The text is still quite rough, but it covers the major points that need to be covered.

I'm finding trying ...

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