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June 13, 2005 - June 19, 2005

Little bit of work to round out the day (Still tired from the trip, but trying to keep a normal-ish schedule...)

Did a few hours work on Cinemon this evening. Nothing spectacular, just some project management and fixing a longstanding bug with the restart-on-reboot operation.

Shane went nuts while I was away. He gave me two bottles of apple butter, 3 pounds of coffee, and a huge gift bag packed solid with high-end chocolate of various ...

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Conference goes remarkably well (Response to Cinemon is far better than even I'd hoped...)

I'm back from the SCTE conference. I was there to "launch" Cinemon for the greater population of Cable operators (a.k.a. MSOs). Response was almost universally positive, lots of interest in the product from everyone for whom I did the "dog and pony show".

Quite a few effusively positive comments ("Sure, we have monitoring systems, but ...

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