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June 6, 2005 - June 12, 2005

Bit a 'GL-ing to relax... (Autogenerating the bulk of the OpenGL.GL wrapper now)

Another few hours on OpenGL-with-ctypes. Basically got it to auto-generate the wrappers for the bulk of the GL library. There's still quite a few "exceptions", but there's nothing that actually distinguishes those from the other cases, so I'm likely going to have to write the wrappers for those manually. About the only other major cases ...

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Oops, another 6 hours disappears into wiki-dom (Just can't stop editing/writing...)

Clicked on my wikipedia link this morning, thinking "oh, I'll just read a few random pages". Then I started editing little things. Then I started going through the "architecture stubs" page, looking for things that needed to be expanded...

and then I realised I still have to get out to the market and back and ...

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Gack! (Enough, the week is finished!)

I think I'm done for the week. Leaving for the conference Monday morning (oh, shoot, need to get the tickets and such worked out). I need to stop obsessing about this program for a few days or I'm going to be nuts at the conference. I'll have all of Monday and Tuesday to obsess.

But ...

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I like printing things! (Environmental crisis of conscience)

There is a certain wonder about producing a physical thing. My thesis advisor used to rhapsodise about the wonders of physical constructions (he is a boat, aircraft and furniture-focussed architect). Today I had one of those moments where I had to agree with him.

Producing the PDF for the handout for the conference was nice, ...

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Hmm, another of those reality loops (UU goes very late and very caffeinated)

Wound up getting home from the UU meeting around 3AM, having drained a whole pot of coffee at the bar (I was the only one drinking it, so she just kept coming around to unload it). Worked until well past 5AM, unfortunately, one of the visiting parents [edited] decided it would be fun to sit ...

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Overtired and too much caffeine (So much for sleep...)

This little voice just won't shut up. It keeps asking why I'm killing myself over this project. I don't hold any significant shares. I'm not paid a CTO's salary (heck, I'm not paid a developer's salary come to that). Why am I up half the night working out sales pitches that someone else didn't feel ...

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Obligatory geekiness (Trying to fix what ever is broken...)

While I was away today I decided to have my workstation rebuild itself "from first principles" as it were. That is, to use the "emptytree" flag to rebuild the whole software stack from scratch. It managed to get through 227 of the 400+ packages involved before it encountered something it couldn't build. There are 5 ...

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Seem to be caught in a reality loop... (Day limps to a close again)

Again started the day dealing with booting issues, then spent the rest of the day on sales issues. This time up in Aurora. I only slept 4 or 5 hours last night, so I'm a bit knackered at the moment.

By the time I got back to Toronto I was back in one of those ...

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Day limps into the final stretch (Broken and battered, with little to show...)

Spent the first part of the day dealing with reboot issues, then got to slog into the wonderful world of the marketing materials. Amazing just how much time I'm burning on these things. Today's task was primarily getting the single-page handout finished, which included some significant text editing, updating the web-site, and then spending a ...

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I was going to bed somewhere back there ('pedia makes 2 hours disappear...)

Was about to go to bed when I decided to review the article on proportion. Realised it needed some work (and some fact-checking), so I pulled out my old copy of Vitruvius "The Ten Books of Architecture" and started thumbing through it. Eventually wound up pulling out Tzonis and Lefaivre too... you know it's getting ...

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