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Sept. 26, 2005 - Oct. 2, 2005

Argument for Proportion (First draft of some ramblings...)

As you will recall, I have been reading Padovan's "Proportion".  Having had a few days to digest the material now I figure it's a good time to write up the arguments as I see them for (and against) using proportional systems in design.

From a perceptual standpoint (the standpoint of our thesis), the primary question ...

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I don't hate poker (I just prefer conversation)

Shane (darned poker addict) managed to start up a game during what was supposed to be an evening of coffee and chatting about lives, universes and whatnot. It was okay I suppose, but when you've got that many people playing (well, actually, always) it gets dull. And I won, for the people who were out ...

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To PyCon, or not to PyCon? (Priorities?)

It's weird, but I'm seriously considering skipping PyCon this year. Why? Well, because I need to focus my energies on academic and research interests. It's weird because a month ago I was thinking about proposing multiple talks, tutorials and the like and just assuming I would go.

Maybe go to a design theory conference somewhere ...

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And the ugly junkies... (Old VRML99 shot from the holodesk display...)

Was just wondering if I'd find any screenshots of Holodesk still floating about the net (google images is so cool) and stumbled across this old shot from the VRML99 conference. I looked so wolfmanish back then. There's a screenshot from what looks like a survey of software, I don't recognise the particular content, likely they ...

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Probably need to fork mxTextTools (Need the non-recursive rewrite to be part of the SimpleParse distro...)

I've been waiting a long time for mxTextTools 2.1, and I guess I have to accept that it's not going to move forward and take it under my own (rather over-crowded) wing if SimpleParse is going to move forward.

I'd really rather not, but a patch-set for a multiple-years-old "experimental" release that's only linked from ...

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Pause before the last big feature (Stabilising the code for a few weeks)

Well, today was (almost) the end of the first work-week under the new schedule. I spent the bulk of the day on cleanup and fixes, this is mostly because I'm expecting the next big task to take a few weeks, and I don't want to be backtracking to fix things in the meantime.

That big ...

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