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Dec. 19, 2005 - Dec. 25, 2005

Unwrapped Peeking

I shouldn't have peeked
But they weren't wrapped yet
I was giving them
I should be allowed to look
But now I want to keep them
In case they're not wanted
Will lie unread unloved
But I force myself to wrap them
Hope it means I chose them well

Safe Across the Table

I'll never know them
But they seemed nice
Across the chips and coins
Breezing through my life
Familiar in a few moments
Cracking jokes within an hour
We shared a single night of games
Played around a coffee table
Is likely all we'll ever share
Yet something calls me to them
And I mistrust its ...

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On Nothing Being Said

The look is strange
I feel ashamed
That my words are so dull
No great truths
Laid out before her feet

I want to appologise
Sit quietly
Find something to say
To win her or win her away

Longer Every Night

The muscles around it are tense
That's why it happens
You lie down on your back
On the bed or better the floor
Try to press the small down
Touch toes and arch back
Pull your torso round and out
Digging with your heels
Stretching and twisting
'Til your forhead's on the floor
Scrabbling forward ...

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It's been too long since I played with graphics (Algebra and geometry is starting to fail...)

Just realised as I was working out linear interpolations across a plane in 2D that I'm getting very rusty in my basic math skills. Used to be that I played with this kind of stuff every time I sat down to program. Nowadays it's all if statements and SQL queries, with elegant algorithms few and ...

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The First Word

The first word
Is not aardvark
It is a
Yet that's what she remembers
From our first day

I realise of course
Memories of me
Grounded in forgotten days
Are shadows that
Will quickly fade away

So few will remember
Singing of the poets
Or philsopher's peans
As days pass
And years come between

Memories ...

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Rinse, repeat (Another day, just like the last...)

I was strongly tempted to repeat yesterday's post. Turns out that today was Tuesday, the meeting and party were to be Wednesday (I discovered this only on phoning Tim at 9am this morning to ask if he wanted to head over yet). Looks like we won't be doing the party. The SSL error turned out ...

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Business Plans (and SSL)

Couldn't get the Twisted.spread server to work when using SSL, but it works fine with bald TCP. Burned far too long on that today. Got Shane hooked up on the VoIP system, which was good. He seemed very happy when he just plugged it in and everything worked.

After I got fed up with "connection ...

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