Templating joys (Slog, slog, slog, slog-slog-slog, slog, slog, slog, slog-slog-slog, slog, slog...)

Bryan truly impressed me today. Been trying to figure out why certain groups are winding up being reported as offline so often. The answer was staring me in the face, but Bryan had to point it out for me to realise it. Fixing it is going to be a bit of a PITA (the proper fix can't happen, so whatever I do is going to be a heuristic).

Other than that, finally fixed the double-booking-of groups problem and spent the rest of the day on making the UI ship-shape for demoing (mostly converting to the METAL-based templates instead of the older TAL-based templates, but there was some new views being created in there too).

And, for once, I'm going to go to bed early so that I can finish tomorrow's work before nightfall and take a full day to work on PyOpenGL from Friday through Saturday evening.


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