Doesn't look like I'll get the nurbs finished this weekend (Darn it)

I've probably got 80 or 90% of the work done for making NURBs work in OpenGL-ctypes. This is mostly just refactoring the code from the Tessellation structure into a base class and then writing up the various wrapper functions. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a generic way to know, at the callback level, what the currently-active texture-map setting is (you don't know whether you're doing a 1 or 2D map), that means that one of the callbacks is going to have a raw pointer returned :( .

Other than that, just a matter of fixing up some output arguments, making sure the array types are properly specified, that kind of thing. After that, probably get the quadric callback stuff working so that GLU will be basically finished... which IIRC will finish off the whole of the core libraries. I guess the Win32 port should be the next thing after that.


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