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Round trip completed (finally) (CAD Views to topological views to CAD views...)

Finished off the CAD-system integration code for Cinemon today. Lots of little details mostly. Upside is that as of now we can import the files, store them properly, populate them for demos, and produce files to have the viewer pull up the CAD map with annotations for an area on user request.

Off to UU ...

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Oil-based Paint

I want the red
Deep and rich
Full of fats and oils
To dig itself in
Deep into the surface
Take full possession
Become the wall
Shed all that comes after
So many rain drops
Gathered on the floor
So no white-washing
Will cover its memory
Or forget that
We were here

Maybe a Draft

Spring days
In darkest winter
Pass unheeded
In my unchanging room
Maybe a draft
From the open window
On a brilliant
Sun-kissed afternoon

More integration (Different product...)

Spent the whole day on Cinemon today; mostly making the code handle imports from a partner's CAD system more elegantly. Tweaked the graphics code to be able to handle deeper hierarchies as part of that.

The graphs are produced by a fairly elegant (IMO) algorithm, but there's a limit to how dense the graph it ...

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