Housekeeping is dangerous (Accidentally blow away my only working kernel's source directory...)

I ran out of disk space on my "old" drive (which is where my home directory and all non-multimedia files go), so I went through and killed off the various system directories from my old Linux install (I run from the new disk now). Unfortunately, I didn't remember that /usr/src contained the last working Kernel (2.6.11-r9), which has since disappeared from Portage.

It's not that the newer kernels don't work at all, it's just that they no longer work with the ATI TV Wonder Pro... and it's just audio that's broken... but without the Audio the Daily Show is basically just a series of spit-takes :) .

The Video for Linux people don't have patches for the newer 2.6 kernels, so I guess it's all supposed to "just work" now. Marginally annoying that it doesn't. No time to work on it this week, so I'll just miss a week of movies... which is probably only 2 or 3 movies anyway, but it's the principle of paying $50/month for TV programming and not having access for a week due to my own limited memory.

[Later] In the few minutes before I headed out this evening I decided to do the old test of plugging in a set of headphones on the tv capture card. As before, no sound, so played with some controls, suddenly sound showed up for a few seconds... played with them a bit more, no sound. Turns out the headphones have a bad wire.

So, the capture card is producing output, it's just not getting incorporated into the stream. The mythbackend process is also dying every time I try to change channels. I'm thinking it may be the karked zaptel ztdummy driver. It apparently doesn't like one of the settings in this kernel. Rebuilding the kernel now, test it before I head off to bed.


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