Tweaks to the laptop configuration (And the glories of graph layout)

This was one of those days where I get to the end of the day and wonder where all the time went. There was an hour or two that disappeared in a meeting, and some little bits of billable time here and there, but mostly I spent the day testing and checking and correcting things without actually sitting down to a serious "work" session until some time around midnight. Had to take an hour or two's nap to let my eyes rest at one point (they still look very bloodshot and aren't focussing quite right, un-good).

All through it I've been finishing up the Linux installation on Rose's laptop, getting the WiFi working, trying to get ACPI configured to actually do something useful (i.e. suspend (no luck there, apparently no one has ever got it working on an Aspire 3613 series)), configuring the menus so Rose'll actually know what the various programs do and not have to choose between 6 different apps that say they are media players. Still don't have DVD playback working (mplayer can't load the track from the DVD), nor have I tried burning a CD/DVD yet (just compiling K3B now).

Have a management meeting in 6 hours, so I should likely head off to bed now. I'm thinking I'll work from Linux Caffe tomorrow afternoon between the mgmt meeting and meeting up with Bryan at UU. I have to return books to UofT anyway, so I can do that and then walk over to have a coffee while I test the latest changes to Cinemon (mostly tweaks to the graphs when there are large numbers of children for a given group).


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