Thinking out loud dump of requirements for ISP Billing System (Open Source from the start, as they say...)

I've just been dumping some of my thoughts into a wiki regarding the possible project to produce an Open Source ISP Billing system for use by small (likely Cable) ISPs. It's by no means a polished document, I basically just scribbled on a piece of paper for a few hours and then transcribed the ideas into the wiki.

I haven't transcribed the design/approach yet, though bits of it are sticking through in the way the requirements are described. Will leave that to another day.

I don't yet have the domain set up for the consulting business, so for now you'll have to go through the ssl server to see it. [Update: domain is set up now, link updated]


  1. Em

    Em on 04/18/2007 1:40 a.m. #

    You can take this billing system as a pattern: <a href="">UTM5</a>. It's not really opensource but rather affordable, well documented (all docs are open on the site). The billing system has two statistics collectors: Netflow collector and a RADIUS server; and remote firewall management module for blocking/unblocking access on firewalls. The system is also capable for VoIP.

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