Garam Masala heals all frustrations (Mmm curried veggies over hot-and-sour rice...)

I'm feeling much better now. Turns out I was famished, just dove into working this morning and didn't wind up eating anything (though I did have an iced tea). I was going to make a basil stir-fry, but the basil had gone feral (dangerous stuff that feral basil).

So I went for the classic Garam Masala (and about 1/4 as much regular yellow (Madras) curry powder) with a bit of cardamon and a few dried chillies. Makes a decent curry, but there's still something missing, the "fruitiness" of the palette just doesn't punch enough. I'm tempted to try black plums, (which work beautifully in Mole) to make it pop, but I didn't have any ripe ones today.

I really felt like inviting someone over for dinner and chatting, but that would mean I wouldn't get any more work done, and I want to get at least 1 more hour before I head off to bed. Of course, now that I'm full of rice and curry I could just slip into bed right now... ah, Sleep, the eternal temptress. Ooh, I like that... little double meanings poking out here and there.


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