Fried Mikey (Don't put on jeans and go for long walks when you're sun-fried)

Went out to Woodbine beaches on Saturday. Spent the whole afternoon out in the sun and wound up lobster-red across my whole front (including my feet) and back. Walked down to Sacha's barbecue when we got home. The jeans I wore down rubbed the sunburn into a nasty glowing red patch.

Also went to Sacha's place on Friday to drop into a Graduate House party. Turns out that Athena runs these things for GH. Chatted with a number of the Graduate students. Pleasant time all round.

I've finally started reading the (large) book on Architectural Design Theory that Shane gave me for his birthday. So far just 1 chapter (Vitruvius) in. Nothing new so far, but then everyone studies Vitruvius. This afternoon I'm planning to slather on some aloe vera and then see if I can't get some OpenGL-ctypes work done.


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