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Learning and experience days are important (Taking a day to get up close and personal with SQLObject)

Decided this morning that I wanted more experience with TurboGears. I decided to re-implement the http log file analysis project I did a while ago as a TurboGears project (previously it generated static HTML files). The project basically performs whole-set analysis on about 150MB of log files to allow me to view hierarchically organised and ...

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It's a bad thing when accounting software dumps core (So much for going with the polished consumer-friendly app...)

As you may recall, GNUCash wasn't able to print last week's invoices this weekend. This evening (the first time since then I've sat down to do accounting) GNUCash is core-ing when it tries to load the file. GDB can't pull anything useful out of the core file, as it appears to all be recursive opaque ...

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