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July 17, 2006 - July 23, 2006

PyGTA this Tuesday, 6:30PM at Linux Caffe (Starting earlier to get finished earlier...)

PyGTA this month is going to try starting 1/2 hour earlier, at 6:30, instead of 7:00. Linux Caffe stays open just for us on these nights, so we're going to try to finish around 8:30 or so so that they can get home to their loved ones. We'll do mostly socialisation and chatting for the ...

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Things I need to buy (And a thing I want to buy...)

I need to buy a printer for the company. I'm guessing the invoices would have printed if I'd had a local printer instead of printing via SMB and CUPS to Rose's printer (it seems that only the Windows version of Adobe's PDF viewer and the Windows printer had problems with the PDFs that GNUCash was ...

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Printing invoices is somewhat key to cashflow (5 hours of flailing about...)

As I've mentioned a few times, GNUCash wasn't able to print out the invoice from last week. Neither for this week, it turns out. That's not good. I need to have the invoices going out if money is going to come in.

So, the 10 minute job I was planning on this afternoon has now ...

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Am I becoming a sleep addict? (Return of dreams makes it so attractive...)

Don't know why, but the past week I've been waking up every night multiple times from vivid, (and weird (read symbolic)), dreams. I like dreaming, particularly when I can feel the subconscious grinding over a problem. A sort of pleasurable symbolic calculus that's constantly solving itself in pictures... The problem is that dreaming requires sleeping, ...

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Learning and experience days are important (Taking a day to get up close and personal with SQLObject)

Decided this morning that I wanted more experience with TurboGears. I decided to re-implement the http log file analysis project I did a while ago as a TurboGears project (previously it generated static HTML files). The project basically performs whole-set analysis on about 150MB of log files to allow me to view hierarchically organised and ...

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It's a bad thing when accounting software dumps core (So much for going with the polished consumer-friendly app...)

As you may recall, GNUCash wasn't able to print last week's invoices this weekend. This evening (the first time since then I've sat down to do accounting) GNUCash is core-ing when it tries to load the file. GDB can't pull anything useful out of the core file, as it appears to all be recursive opaque ...

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Working the whole day lying down (This laptop gets *hot*!)

Spent the entire day working in bed with the laptop. It's reasonably comfortable, though my upper back gets stiff and sore (and my eyes don't like it much). It's a nice change of pace from the lower back pain of normal working. Anyway, not a spectacular day for billables, but a reasonable 4.5 hours. Think ...

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