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Vacant Demons

Why do you keep me waking
When I would be abed
Leave me vacant demons
Full of puzzles full of cares
I would sleep when I lie there

Those I Love

Soon I will lose those I love
For they are merely mortal
Mortal life however long
Is bounded in hard measure
They will pass as I know shall I
Possibly before they know
That they are those I love

Little traction this afternoon (Bouncing around between tasks...)

I was fully intending to spend the evening on porting OpenGL-ctypes to Win32. However, I realised that the workstation doesn't have the Toolkit compiler set up, which always takes hours, so I thought I'd try wrapping some of the more advanced extensions (vertex shaders, pixel shaders, that kind of thing).

Of course, I don't have ...

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On fixing taps (Don't do it until there's a real problem...)

Friday I tried to fix the (Windows XP) 3D rendering on the laptop. Now XP simply can't boot (crashes trying to load the AGP module). I need to use an XP Pro disk to repair the installation, but I don't have one of those (the XP instance is the one that came pre-installed on the ...

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