PyGTA Presentation Goes Smoothly (New developer commitments (one in critical area)...)

Had a pretty good first external-developer-focused presentation at PyGTA tonight. Adrian brought along the hardware (thanks Adrian! you saved me from getting lynched). We had at least 3 or 4 people install the developer's images tonight and gave out a few CDs as well. Miles had success on booting and running Sugar on VMWare for Mac from the images (we've already tested on Win32 and Linux, of course).

Large number of "kicking the tires" type questions, effectively "is this real, can it work", understandable given that we're asking people to give up their time to work on it. Hopefully I answered the bulk of those satisfactorily (short answer: yes, but we need to get moving with external developers to make it happen).

After the talk we hung out at the other cafe until around 11:30pm, and we had 3 solid commitments to work on the project for significant amounts of time and lots of general interest. One of those commitments was in the critical area of documenting Hippo (the "best practises" API for doing GUIs in Sugar) and maybe some of the other core OLPC-specific libraries.


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