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Need a better documentation-generation system (Pydoc and pydoc2 just don't cut it...)

Spent the full work-day today on OpenGL-ctypes. The glGet* variables are now getting automatically registered. Image types, it turns out, seem to already be registered. I've also started work on making the docstrings more reasonable, little things like including the extension's Overview section in the docstring (so you can tell what the extension is intended ...

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Should have set up Gentoo instead (Package managment falls down...)

We installed Ubuntu on Soni's machine a while ago, forgoing Gentoo because we figured she should start with a "consumer" oriented distribution. Problem is, first time she runs into a problem I haven't the confidence to fix it by "remote control" (as it were).

In particular, Eric3, though it shows up on the Ubuntu web-site ...

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