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Bit of work with TurboGears (Have to work with it more often)

Spent the day doing mock-up of a Voicemail configuration and "viewing" web-site in Turbogears. Still just early moments, such little things as actually hooking it up to Asterisk realtime and the like haven't been touched, I'm just populating the tables it requires. I like the jsonify mechanism, makes it easy to define how to linearise ...

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Win32 goes reasonably well (With a few annoyances...)

A few changes to the Win32 platform module and a few tweaks to deal with problems on Win32 (particularly with one of the image-packing settings that gets rejected as invalid, but which is just a belt-and-suspenders setting anyway).

Considerable number of the OpenGLContext demos are now working on Win32. I'll need to get various (compiled) ...

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Hacking the night away (Optimising with OpenGL-ctypes)

I added the ability to set a flag on the numpy format handler to raise errors when a numpy array is passed in that requires a copy to be passed to ctypes. The idea is that you can use it to catch unwanted copying (during development). Found quite a few instances in OpenGLContext where I ...

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Josh, got your messages (No mail-server access here...)

Probably the easiest approach is to just give you (Josh) developer access to the PyOpenGL project for development work. (Josh is doing the Mac OS-X porting work).

I've added the missing arrayhelpers module to the project that Josh pointed out. Modifications to the error module from this weekend were intended to address the problems on ...

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That wasn't the most productive of days (Good nap though...)

I thought Rose had asked me to stay home today to meet the new dog-walker. They didn't show up (I probably got the wrong day). Anyway, was really tired in the morning, so didn't get up until the puppy asked me to go out. Took him out, read news and email in preparation for starting ...

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Almost have the mail server set up (Stand-alone server that's quiet enough to leave on all the time...)

I've just completed testing the new mail server setup. It's basically identical to the setup on my home workstation, save that it's for both Rose and I (and it's running on a dedicated (if low-spec) machine).

Outlook (which Rose uses from her XP laptop) doesn't seem to handle network interruptions very well, it hangs and ...

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Beginning the porting work (Well, began...)

Got to the point of actually compiling the first project last night. I chose SimpleParse because it's a fairly straightforward extension but it's not stupid-simple like the various accellerator extensions. I obviously forgot to check in the changes from the last time I ported it to Win32 :( . I fixed one or two glaring ...

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Almost done setting up the win32 toolchain (Downloading the last piece now... and for the next few hours)

I've got most of the system setup done for the Win32 compilation. I have the cygwin tools all installed and the major projects checked out. I've got the path and pathext setup for python and have easy-install installed. However, I'm missing a module that's sitting on the machine's (reiserfs) hard-disk un-checked-in (and thus unavailable to ...

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Something sucks in redmond (PITA continues to be a pain)

I spent 3.5 hours last night installing and re-installing Windows 2000. Another few hours this morning/afternoon. Every time I installed any of the video drivers for the Leadtek card (Leadtek's or nVidia's) I wound up with a machine that couldn't display anything (even in safe mode) because the driver would always load and corrupt the ...

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Go egg or go home (Setuptools seduces me...)

As of now I've introduced a dependency on setuptools into OpenGL-ctypes. The ability to readily define a published plug-in API is the thing that finally swayed me. It cleans up the array FormatHandler registration very nicely. It also makes a nice .egg, eventually should allow for automated installation, and generally is a lot simpler to ...

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