Successes and failures trickle in (So far three of them...)

So far the count (for people other than me) of successes/failures is 1:2, with Blake getting a flawless install on OS X and Simon and Bill getting "Unexpected HTML page found at" errors. I'm now plowing through the 170 messages sitting in my distutils folder (I subscribe, but I often ignore the mailing list) to see if this is a known problem before I start asking stupid questions. I'm wondering if this is a setuptools version problem (i.e. maybe the sourceforge download code is getting more robust as versions progress).

I updated Python on my workstation to 2.5 last night so I could generate a 2.5 egg. Unfortunately, SIP (a dependency for my primary IDE (Eric)) doesn't seem to build on Python 2.5 on Gentoo. Sigh.

I won't be back to that machine this evening, so won't be able to test the 2.5 egg myself. Anyway, back to my distutils catchup reading.


  1. Ian Bicking

    Ian Bicking on 10/16/2006 9:38 p.m. #

    SourceForge keeps fiddling and messing things up, and it just sucks. You can upload the package directly to the Cheese Shop ("python upload"). This is much more reliable. It's a well-connected box with a big disk, no need for the dumb mirroring stuff.

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