Off to do some Hiking (Could use a break from system failures...)

Seems like the last two days have been nothing but system failures. Spent a very long day (12+ hours) yesterday battling Qt and/or Asterisk silliness of one type or another in order to get a tiny little project done. Burned hours trying to get Eric3 running on the workstation (with another half hour this morning, as lying in bed to work is starting to give me a crick in the neck).

Then realised I needed to get the photographs downloaded before I went (can't be wandering around with all of Rosey's puppy-pictures on a camera that could fall off a cliff and disappear).

Close to 1.5 hours on that, finally turned out to be a malfunctioning script that's supposed to set the permissions so that a regular user can read the USB camera. Wound up manually setting the permissions to get it working.

Somewhere in the cracks I've been trying to get the actual work done today, but this is the kind of work you want big blocks of time for, barely 30 minutes on that project and 25 on the other one (a client call). Sigh. May try to do some work on Sunday night after I get back. For the weekend, though, it's out-of-mind and I'm going to concentrate on the wonder of nature.


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