PyMol shows up on a random computer (Didn't I say I wouldn't do this any more?)

Rose somehow forgot that I'm trying to stop helping people with their infected Windows machines, so she volunteered me to help her friend. Sigh. Anyway, cool thing happened; browsing the start menu to look for suspicious programs I found PyMol!

I think that's cool. Makes me feel somewhat less dumb about contributing to the network effects of Windows by supporting their systems when I see Python software installed on a regular user's machine.


  1. baoilleach

    baoilleach on 10/26/2006 8:49 a.m. #

    Python has made a lot of inroads in chemistry. Scripting languages are ideal for scientists who need to cobble something together, but who usually don't have any formal training in programming. As well as PyMOL, some chemistry related Python modules/applications are the interface to OpenBabel (, PyChem, cclib (shameless plug :-), PyMOlyze, MMTK, and pydaylight.

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