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March 6, 2006 - March 12, 2006

Of TimeZones and other silliness (There really should be a standard...)

My eyes were just way too sore to stare at a computer this afternoon, so I napped for a few hours, then headed out to chat with Simon for a few hours more. I drank green tea the whole time, so I got home somewhat wired for sound.

I found and fixed a bug I'd ...

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Finally get around to installing the Toolkit compiler (Yes, yes, I know, why support a proprietary platform...)

In order to get a binary release of SimpleParse 2.1 for Win32 systems I need to be able to compile Python extensions on the platform. Luckily, I sort of wrote the book on it... unluckily, it's been a very long time since I've done it. The reports that using the .Net 2.0 Framework SDK is ...

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