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Feb. 27, 2006 - March 5, 2006

TwistedSNMP 0.3.12 released (Latency improvements, first public release of the PySNMP-v4 compatability code)

I've just released version 0.3.12 of TwistedSNMP, I didn't call it 0.4 mostly because the PySNMP-v4 code isn't yet usable (the PySNMP-v4 engine is just too slow to be useful in our applications). The changes to the version that uses v3.5+ are those mentioned earlier this week that reduce the latency during integration of ...

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Okay, finished with the already-published stuff (Garn that took longer than I would have thought...)

I think I've pretty much got all of the currently-published projects in the portfolio now. There were quite a few nice pieces that just fell through the cracks, also a few projects I'd completely overlooked because they weren't in the previous version (such as the PIM environment). I really should have statistics and introductions on ...

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Finally getting the portfolio cleaned up (Years and years later...)

This isn't really a theory item, but oh well :) . I decided (on looking through Michelle's portfolio this evening) that I really needed to get my own ship in order. First step was to get rid of the cheesy hard-coded pages and move to an actual application to generate pages for individual projects and ...

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Mmm latency reduction... (Trading raw performance for scalability and responsiveness)

I've been working on extending the latency improvements from a few days ago throughout Cinemon. Some of the latency improvements are going into TwistedSNMP. I'm considering adding the module to TwistedSNMP as well. The newest incarnation is very useful when you want to break up operations in a Twisted application which, though not "blocking" ...

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Laptop is getting closer (About 20hrs total I'm guessing...)

The laptop is still trundling away building packages. It's up to 162 of the 183 it has to build, I've seen most of KDE pass by, as well as Firefox and a few others. Unfortunately, some of the versions of the desktop apps (e.g. Firefox) are the "stable" (read old) versions, so I'll have to ...

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Hmm, got a little distracted (Happens sometimes...)

I turned on Rose's laptop last night intending to copy the presentation over and upload it. While I was there, though, I googled for the laptop's model and Linux. Apparently the captive drivers work nicely for the wireless card, and everything else is either working or work-aroundable...

So I downloaded the new Gentoo 2006.0 LiveCD ...

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Passable talk (Should have prepared more...)

PyGTA went well, not a huge crowd, but 16 or 17 I suppose. Took far longer than I'd hoped to get through the background material (some people had never heard of Asterisk before). I also forgot (stupidly) that the call-duration-callback demo only works locally. Oops.

I'll upload the final version of the slides next time ...

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