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April 10, 2006 - April 16, 2006

Lots of OpenGL-ctypes hacking (Moving towards a reasonably operational system on Win32)

Sat down and forced myself to work on the OpenGL-ctypes project today (instead of enjoying the weather). The Linux port is almost there (at least on amd64 and CVS ctypes). The Win32 port is now limping along with missing pieces, rather than being totally nonfunctional.

I've made the C modules for dealing with Numpy/Numarray/Numeric arrays ...

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First few pages on "Play" drafted (Nowhere near as much as I should have written these past two days...)

I've begun work on the "Play" section of the thesis rewrite. Its a fairly large section, covering 8 or 9 distinct types of play that are important to designers. In two days I only managed to write up two pages of text, along with a lot of false starts and deletions.

Anyway, here's a sample ...

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Sedimentary Years

Walled within for sedimentary years
Words true but hurtful
Cannot be undone
With wishing hope or tears
From soft-hot tragedies
They form unyielding stone
Beneath the water-breaching weirs

86% Cacao Dark Chocolate (Pretty darn good...)

I'm pretty much over the cold/flu/whatever now. I cough every once in a while, but no other symptoms of note. As I've been working at home (I missed sitting outside at Linux Caffe yesterday :( ) I've been eating some of the chocolate Shane brought on Saturday (we started with 1kg of chocolate, we finished ...

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I Ask My Feverish Bed

I just want to wake up in the morning
Build something to last through the ages
Make love to an angel...
... and father a god
Is that too much to ask?
I ask my feverish bed

Should have just stayed in bed today (Better for my health...)

I've had a persistent problem with a truly trivial little SOAPpy server silently failing with no exceptions, no messages, nothing. So, needing to get this critical feature working ASAP, I created a bog-simple watching script that checked for that SOAPpy server and restarted it when necessary, on the theory that whatever was killing the SOAPpy ...

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