Very long day uploading (Upstream seems to suck pretty bad here...)

I've been uploading the image since noon today, another 8 hours or more before it's finished. I've also got a torrent seeded on LinuxTracker, but that was just as slow (though that's mostly because I only had one person attached, so bittorrent was basically just creating an http download stream). (I'm uploading it to a server temporarily to allow the OLPC guys to download it.)

Big areas identified for trimming the Gentoo image: almost 1GB of documentation in the image... that can likely be online as easily as anything. 1.3GB in the portage tree and that *should* be something you can rsync down at any time. Together that would get the image size down to about 2GB internally, which might even fit onto a CD when compressed and defragmented.

Also got work done on paying customer's projects. Have to deal with a couple of deployment issues on one of the VoIP projects along with the regular crop of todo items on the billing/provisioning systems. For now, though, I need to sleep. Off to the caffe tomorrow so that we don't have any distractions from the paying work.


  1. Michael Greene

    Michael Greene on 03/14/2007 7:57 a.m. #

    Please return to the torrent swarm to seed if you can. There are 8 of us trying to download it via bittorrent now.

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 03/15/2007 9:20 a.m. #

    Hmm, the two clients should have been online all day yesterday, with brief 2-3 minute outages as I switched between them (so I could turn off the (noisy) workstation). Anyway, the workstation is online again now.

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