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Not the second coming of Spectrum (But an nice demonstration nonetheless...)

Andrew Grieg did the presentation this evening. His company (Koolu) is building relatively inexpensive, low-power boxes using the same processor as the OLPC XO (they run the official images well). They are already using the processor we'll be using in the final laptops (instead of the ones in the current BTest2 devices).

They were running ...

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Presentation on Koolu this evening at Linux Caffe (Neat hardware and solutions)

There's a presentation at Linux Caffe this evening on the Koolu people's work. They are selling a small AMD Geode PC with broadband wireless, projector-as-screen and other interesting features. It's going to be at Linux Caffe's new Linux solutions shop (around the corner from the current location). There will be a few of the boxes ...

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Per-category and full-content feeds now available (and working) (Stupid-simple TAL hack-up)

Since there's just no pleasing some people with poetry I have provided what I hope will be reasonably well broken down feeds. The whole blog and each category now have full-body or excerpt-only feeds. I didn't implement combining the feeds (i.e. specifying multiple categories for a single feed), mostly because I was too rushed to ...

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