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April 9, 2007 - April 15, 2007

Mom and dad came up today (Summer tire delivery...)

Nice visit with my parents this afternoon. Rosey had them bring up the summer tires for her car... even though there's the possibility of snow tomorrow. We're going to stay at the home office tomorrow to do training on the billing system. Rest of the day will be regular work on it. We've got 7 ...

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More work on setuptools for sugar (Scripts/entry points for service files)

Spent the rest of the evening working on the setuptools based setup. Got to the point where I can see much of the project using pydoc on my main workstation using the develop installation. Made the various services console_script entry points.

Started work on a dbus-service installation command as well (that won't be particularly ...

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More docstrings, Toronto developer's list and more (Makefiles suck...)

Did a bit more docstring writing this evening. Discovered as I was doing it that the docstrings weren't showing up in the pydoc'd output. More investigation showed that Sugar requires that you do a make and install instead of running from the source tree. Sigh.

So, went to make and install so I could look ...

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PyGame wrappers and documentation and new developers (Long-ish day with client stuff too...)

Tested the OLPC-Games group's PyGame wrapper on the developer's image. It works nicely on the emulated machine. Looking over the code, they are basically using an SDL feature that lets SDL take over a GTK (or whatever) window in order to integrate into the Sugar desktop.

That is, the application has to have the GTK ...

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Tomorrow is make clients happy day! Yay! (Push through all day to do the non-OLPC stuff)

We've been doing training during the non-OLPC hours this week; tomorrow is going to be head-down coding instead. Going to try to make the gentle sound of tickets falling echo the rain now outside my window...

But tonight is done and I shall sleep.

Presentation at the University of Toronto (With long conversation afterward with the Networked Systems group...)

Spent the afternoon doing a presentation at the University of Toronto. Basically an introduction and request for developers. The Networked Systems group in particular showed me a couple of already-built applications that might be useful for the project.

They pointed out that their research (which focuses on (electrical) power reduction from software optimisation of network ...

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Not the second coming of Spectrum (But an nice demonstration nonetheless...)

Andrew Grieg did the presentation this evening. His company (Koolu) is building relatively inexpensive, low-power boxes using the same processor as the OLPC XO (they run the official images well). They are already using the processor we'll be using in the final laptops (instead of the ones in the current BTest2 devices).

They were running ...

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Presentation on Koolu this evening at Linux Caffe (Neat hardware and solutions)

There's a presentation at Linux Caffe this evening on the Koolu people's work. They are selling a small AMD Geode PC with broadband wireless, projector-as-screen and other interesting features. It's going to be at Linux Caffe's new Linux solutions shop (around the corner from the current location). There will be a few of the boxes ...

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Per-category and full-content feeds now available (and working) (Stupid-simple TAL hack-up)

Since there's just no pleasing some people with poetry I have provided what I hope will be reasonably well broken down feeds. The whole blog and each category now have full-body or excerpt-only feeds. I didn't implement combining the feeds (i.e. specifying multiple categories for a single feed), mostly because I was too rushed to ...

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Probably going to be one of the more handled laptops... (Lots of bug-finding on the first day...)

Miles and Seneca have been playing with the laptop all day. They're finding lots of bugs here and there. Mostly pretty small bugs, though they managed to crash the X server once and managed to disable wireless at one point. Their attempts to use a stick as a stylus were not that successful.

It's kind ...

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