Talk went reasonably (This trip funded by Soni's dental surgery budget...)

Talk at the University of Tirana went reasonably well. I'll upload the presentation slides to the wiki ASAP, it's just a slightly more refined version of the talk at U of T, with more of a general introduction as people here generally haven't heard of the project.

Soni's dental work went less well. Very involved procedure. She's in a lot of pain.

Sat down this morning while Soni and her mom were out and tagged the pictures from the trip in DigiKam. There are a few minor churches and lots of "street shots" for which I don't have good descriptions, but the major buildings are there save for the "church of the dead" in Florence. It's on the hill behind the Michelangelo Piazza (where the statue of David used to stand), similar external motif as the Duomo. Nice atmospheric (dark) shots in there, but I neglected to record the name and it doesn't show up on the map I have.

Haven't had an internet connection since the last post. Sometime around then the server at home appears to have lost it's connection (or gone down). I gather Rose wasn't able to get it back up, so I still have no email. Sigh.


  1. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 05/13/2007 1:03 p.m. #

    Found the name of the church on a secondary map.

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