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Billing System Day Tomorrow (All day, all the way...)

We piled up a number of tickets while we were away (and while I was at the conference). I'm basically over my jet-lag and it's about time to sit down and really pound on the company stuff. We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow evening, but I want to get a full 8 hours ...

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Four most common questions (From a question at the talk yesterday...)

I mentioned the 4 most common questions I get about the laptop, here they are, simply pulled from my recollection, I haven't tried to count all the questions I receive these days:

1) What gives you the right/why aren't you feeding the children/why are you imposing western material culture on the children?
2) How can ...

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Librarians Rule (Organised, efficient and effective...)

Rochelle I mentioned yesterday as having been instrumental in introducing me to people who went out of their way to introduce me to people who could make decisions about institutional commitment. One of those people who went out of their way was Simone.

She took me on a dizzying trip through the various departments and ...

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