Clintonian Virgin (Why hasn't this phrasing taken off?)

There are a few uses of it on Google, and there's a number of references to "virgin in the Clintonian sense", but the phrase itself just doesn't seem to have picked up the momentum I'd thought it would based on its coolness factor.

I mean, it's an oblique enough reference not to be too salty for polite conversation (well, as polite as any conversation where you're searching for this word), covers a condition that doesn't really have any other name (that I've ever heard). It has that wonderful doublespeak aspect and just a bit of cynicism... what more could you want?

I suppose the "Clintonian sense" references are okay, but using it as a simple adjective makes it so much cooler sounding IMO.

As you can guess, I've stalled on working. Thinking I'll just go to bed (my eyes are killing me), though I really feel like writing, or drawing, or something fun.


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