Compiled GLE DLL for Win32 (For the compiler-less masses...)

I managed to get the regular Toolkit compilation toolchain all configured and ready-to-go this morning. Result is that we now have a pre-compiled GLE DLL available for Win32 for use with PyOpenGL 3.x. Still missing a pre-compiled TCL/Tk extension (Togl) to get to full coverage of the PyOpenGL 2.x functionality.

Need to look at the problems people are encountering under cygwin (seem to be mostly issues with how the DLLs are found). Would also like to make the error-check-disabling code more efficient and allow for providing a function that does the resolution of DLLs manually (e.g. for the optimised DLLs on Win32 that the card manufacturer provides).

Still need to get the documentation system working again too. After that we're just bug-fixes and polish away from a 3.0.0 release AFAICS.


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