Laptops for Nigeria (Different type...)

Came into the "office" this morning to discover a last-minute project in-process. Project was attempting to get a "boxed" Edubuntu configuration that was to be carted over to Nigeria for one of their model schools. 3 hours to build the whole system.

We wound up with just the server (an old laptop) poorly configured, but at least working with net-booted LTSP clients, a number of net-booting PCI cards for their existing machines, and a switch to network the whole thing together.

We wound up having to send an old copy of Edubuntu (couldn't install the new version due to a drive error). Couldn't get the copy of Wikipedia included either, just didn't have time to both download it and get it copied over to the server.

Annoying to have the whole project compressed down so much. People were trying to not bother people and wound up not getting the support/work they needed as a result. Anyway, hopefully the project will help a bit.


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