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542 works in VMWare with pcnet32 driver (Just a post to give a link to the package, really...)

Have the converted official 542 image running under vmware with networking now. For those playing along at home it's the same process as for VirtualBox: download the compiled pcnet32 stuff for the 542 kernel into the image and unpack into the /lib/modules/${kernel}/drivers/net/ directory. Run /sbin/depmod as root, and switch on-boot to true in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 . ...

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VirtualBox seems to have forgotten (Or I did...)

Unable to get VirtualBox-hosted machines onto the net yesterday. Seems the NAT network inside VB just gave up trying to route information out. Kinda killed my plans for trying to build the kernel inside a snapshot of 542 (instead of spending days getting Fedora installed). I don't recall having to do anything other than reboot ...

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