Sigh (Has the sky fallen yet?)

There's a story up on CNN about an apparent price increase (have to update my slides for tomorrow I suppose), which says we're up to $186 (US) dollars for the price. (As noted in the article) most of that does appear to be fluctuations in the US dollar. In the last 120 days the (US) dollar has lost around 4% of its value with respect to the Euro, and about 12% with respect to stronger currencies, such as the Canadian dollar.

That is, 120 days ago a $176USD laptop cost a Canadian ~$207CDN, but the $186USD laptop today costs ~$192CDN... which is to say, the US dollar is not doing at all well, and commodities expressed as prices in US dollars are going to be rising.

For the curious: In Brazilian Reals the price has gone down to 357 from 359. Thailand's Baht seems to be tracking the dollar, so they would see a 5% (or so) loss. Pakistan's Rupee mitigates the loss somewhat, but is still losing quite a bit (numbers on some of these are just way too hard to read off this chart accurately). Nepal sees a bit of a savings overall if I'm reading correctly (their rupee is remaining strong against the dollar).

Anyway, I know, who cares, there's way more important things to deal with, honestly it was just that seemingly wilfully disingenuous quote in the article that made me want to vent.


  1. Rick

    Rick on 09/25/2007 8:58 a.m. #

    Wow is going to be really great. Saw on CNBC this morning. Price announced is up to $299 in the US with buy 1 give 1. Release set for November?<br />
    First time hearing about this and I'm going to place order for 2.<br />
    Keep up the great work.

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