Bell Canada Labs (Then errands for 4 hours)

Presented the project down at Bell Canada this morning. Quiet meeting, only two people asking how to get involved. Hopefully just needs to percolate a bit. Anyway, two people is good if they do something wonderful :) .

After that spent the bulk of the day on various errands around town, picking up wedding dresses from the cleaners, getting forms from the government, buying mice (we gave away our last mice and we occasionally have people over who can't use the trackpads and/or tablets we normally use).

Oh, almost forgot, they gave me a neat little MP3 player for coming in to talk. It doesn't work well under Linux (it's an mtp device, not a usb-mass-storage one), tends to crash Amarok and/or fail to transfer 1/2 of the files. Still, very nice little device. I gather there's a firmware update that replaces the mtp stuff with a usb-mass-storage interface iff you get a korean-language version. Hmm, actually, just updating to the ~amd64 version of libmtp and rebuilding Amarok seems to solve all the problems.


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