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June 11, 2007 - June 17, 2007

PyGTA on Tuesday (CSound for Python)

Seneca is currently in the midst of trying to get CSound's Python binding to build. She's going to try to have a presentation ready for Tuesday on how to use the library, particularly her experiences in trying to put together a Theremin-like control mechanism for the laptop.

Bashing out code all day (With a 1 hour OLPC break)

Hit 8 hours billable again today (took 11.5 real hours), with an hour's presentation of the laptop to a gent from Bell. All in all this is shaping up to be a very good week in billables, even with Tuesday producing a mere 3 hours. Also got a contact from Amy at the caffe, a ...

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Very productive day (8.5 hours of extremely focused work)

Spent the day working on a new project (a provisioning server). It's amazing how much more productive head-down new-code development is compared with maintenance/debugging stuff. No little fits and starts, no breaks, just sit down and get up hours later with the work done. Even got almost 2 hours of work done during UU (very ...

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One Beowolf Cluster per Child (Auto-sharing activities and scripting...)

Thinking of a mechanism whereby the kids could donate processor time to their friends (similar to donating memory to temporary storage, and normally linked with it). Use cases here are basically any processor-intensive easily parallellisable task; POVRay rendering, Video encoding, advanced simulations, etceteras.

Design can be fairly simple, a shared temporary storage directory and a ...

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