OpenGLContext 2.1.0a1 Installation Streamlining (SetupTools re-cursing...)

(I'm testing on a Win32 box). Download and install Python 2.5, put the Python directory on your path. Install Win32 GLUT and GLE, then download and run the following:
python OpenGLContext
python Pygame
python numpy
python PIL
python SimpleParse
python TTFQuery

If I got everything properly put together you should have a (mostly[1]) working OpenGLContext environment. See the OpenGLContext/tests directory for some test/demo code to test the environment.

Hopefully it will help people get started with PyOpenGL a bit faster. It's not going to change things for Linux/Mac people, but for Win32 users it should help somewhat.

[1]On my test Qemu machine the GLU tessellator is failing with NULL pointer exceptions :( . I could have sworn I got that working on the weekend. Argh.

Oh well, suppose it gives me an excuse to release a PyOpenGL 3.0.0b2 with the GLUT callback fix. At some point I'm thinking I'll put the GLE and GLUT dlls into a .egg package to make them easier to install on Win32 systems, then the Win32 platform in PyOpenGL could use the egg'd versions if the system doesn't have installed versions.


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