Bit of time on Productive gameplay (Seem to have a bug in the network setup code...)

Spent a few hours this afternoon on trying to make Productive more fun to play. Biggest change was making the "takeover" process much faster (factor of 8), so that you have to react to a takeover attempt within 10s to avoid losing your units. Also implemented a resource cap on each unit so that you cannot horde a huge amount and then surround your enemy to starve them (or, you can, but it's harder). That makes it harder to balance aggression versus survival, so you have to think about your economic health before you try to take over your neighbour (keeping in mind that your resource inputs are reduced in a takeover attempt).

Need to add "win condition" checking to the simulation. At the moment you can win and the game just keeps going. Probably also need to add some penalty effect for the units taking over a territory, otherwise it's only societal level... maybe have loyalty drop in an inverse proportion to the units being taken over. Also probably want to have loyalty grow much more slowly when there is no power takeover in process.

Annoying that sugar-jhbuild is failing due to a gcov symbol not being found in the linker. The update should, I think, have the new out-of-band (i.e. direct) telepathy gabble connections, which we really need for Productive. Oh well.

I also seem to have broken the network setup code in Productive, something in the optimization of the event queue has caused the network events to no longer kick off the window setup (i.e. to produce the Pygame window). That in turn prevents the user-level setup. Result is that users are sitting there with no "user" set, so they can't control the user they are supposed to play... need to fix that.

[Update] The problem with the network setup seems to be a simple race condition. The client is registering for the "world setup" event after the event has passed, likely should make it a pull operation instead of a push one.


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